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Seattle Lumber Trucking

MO Trucking LLC is a trucking company specializing in the transportation and delivery of lumber and timber. Lumber and timber transportation requires a highly specialized workforce that knows the ins and outs of the lumber industry and has the ability to handle the complex organizational components of this kind of transport. Our fleet of lumber and timber delivery trucks will get your load where it needs to be on time and on budget.

Dispatch Services

Our large fleet is equipped to haul wood locally or for long distances to virtually any mill or outlet in the Seattle region and beyond. Timber and lumber products are loaded and delivered according to your precise specifications by our full licensed and experienced drivers and operators. Benefit from first-rate dispatching and tracking technology in addition to prompt and secure transport and delivery. Ask us about qualified brokerage services and our reputable carrier partners.

The Benefits of Working With Professional Transporters

Here at MO Trucking LLC, we have years of experience providing lumber and timber trucking that our clients can count on. We have the expertise that is necessary that ensures that your freight is secure and that delivery is efficient, seamless, and done according to plan. We offer the levels of service, and reliability that you expect from an experienced lumber transport company and the advanced technology that leaves no room for error.

Specialized Services and Heavy Hauler Equipment

Our flexible flatbeds have the capacity to haul heavy loads and pallets. Accessible load floors and solid posts ensure your lumber is secure during short or long hauls. To facilitate easy loading of your timber, MO Trucking LLC uses high powered log loaders with large capacity grapples that can accommodate a variety of load sizes. The qualified dispatching of our specialists permits expedited shipments and supports freight that is on strict time constraints through our advanced transport technology. Ensure that your load is handled with efficiency and accuracy with personalized service from MO Trucking LLC’s close-knit team of dedicated professionals.

The advantages of working with MO Trucking LLC:

  • Fast turnaround – we process and deliver your loads quickly.
  • Expert logistics management – we have the expertise you require and handle every aspect of your timber and lumber inventory with the highest level of efficiency and customer service.
  • Cost control – we are committed to keeping costs down, and we pass those savings on to our customers.
  • Central location – our central location in the Seattle area makes it convenient to provide accessible and efficient service to our clients.
  • Fleet ownership – we own our own trucks, and only work with licensed, certified drivers who are fully insured.